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Bad News Delivery

Insult, Inform and Criticize Anonymously


How it works

Is your uncle a Trump supporter under the poverty line and doesn't understand why that's ironic?

Does your coworker have horrible breath but you don't have the heart to tell them?

Wanna break it off with your significant other but don't wanna do it over text?

Let ME give the Bad News for YOU, anonymously or on your behalf. 

First thing your mark will receive is a text from me saying, "Someone sent NAME a message from, you will receive a call this afternoon with your message."  Then I'll call within a specified window and deliver your message, politely and professionally.  Up to three attempts will be made to speak in person, then a voicemail will be left. If the voicemail is full, I'll send a text.

After your purchase, you will receive a full transcription of the conversation for your personal enjoyment.



Bad News Delivered

"Kevin has such a punchable voice."

— Vanessa Ramos